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Introducing Poverello House Enterprises

Poverello House Enterprises was recently founded with the mission to create meaningful employment opportunities for graduates of the Poverello House Rehabilitation Program. As a nonprofit, all proceeds from the new business enterprise go to further the Poverello House mission.

Now Available! Professional solar panel cleaning services

Local businesses and households can hire a professionally managed and trained Poverello House Enterprises team to clean solar panels. Now you can have your panels cleaned, improve your power production efficiency and create opportunities for hard-working people to improve their position in life.

we believe in the dignity of every person

papa mike's philosophy

Listen with compassion; give with a warm heart and a smile.

food is served 365 days a year

2,600 meals served daily

Poverello House serves three hot meals every day of the year to anyone in need.

Social Services

Meeting the needs of the whole person

Reimagining Shelter

Restoring Privacy, Comfort and Hope

We provide temporary housing, emergency shelter and pathways to permanent living situations.


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