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Mike McGarvin, Jr. Village of Hope Renovation

New housing structures will provide heating, air conditioning and electricity for clients receiving shelter in the Village of Hope. The new structures increase our emergency shelter capacity in the Village from 54 beds to 120.

The Village of Hope, established in 2002, was in response to the encampments located on Santa Clara St. At the time, the sheds were the best option to get people experiencing homelessness off the streets and into a shelter. Almost twenty years later, Poverello House committed to improving the clients' living facilities. After researching various shelter options, the Pallet Shelters best suited our clients. Pallet Shelters provide a safe, open space for up to four people to occupy.

Transforming the Villages was made possible because of generous donors from the community and a commitment from the City of Fresno to end homelessness. The Village of Hope’s Pallet Shelters provide people experiencing homelessness a respite from the streets as they work towards becoming vibrant members of our community.